Writing Achievement

Goal: Improve Student Achievement in the area of Written Language 

Parents may have noticed an increase in student writing assignments this school year, as well as, improvement in the quality of writing that students are producing in all classes.

We are currently in the thick of an initiative to improve the quality and output of student writing focusing on constructed responses (a healthy and detailed paragraph) which typically requires students to use higher-order thinking skills; evaluation, analysis, summarization, as well as,extended responses (likely, a five-paragraph essay) focusing on organization, varied sentences, strong vocabulary, specific details and use of transition words. 

The North Smithfield Middle School faculty has taken the proverbial "bull by the horns" embedding common strategies across all content areas. We encourage parents to talk with their children about writing and share in the outstanding student products!

We are delighted to report that 89% of North Smithfield Middle School's students achieved proficiency in Reading! (writing scores were not released this year) 

These test scores represent a significant increase in student achievement over last year’s scores. As a school we attained a 23% increase in the number of students that are proficient in Reading and we now rank 4th in the state in Reading proficiency among all middle schools.

We reflect on our recent improvements not as the end of an effort, but rather one milestone along a path, thrilled we have made an excellent beginning!!


Check out the article in The Providence Journal about our school: